Lost In Society finds Wolf-Face, Teen Agers, and Rutterkin at Lucky You Tattoo!

Lost In Society
Lost In Society

By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Lucky You Tattoo, Seminole, Florida–May 18, 2018

Bands, in order of appearance: Rutterkin, Teen Agers, Lost In Society, Wolf-Face

Normally people don’t seek out tattoo studios when seeking music on a Friday night, but that’s their loss! While a comparatively small space, it’s an all-ages venue bringing some of the finest acts from the surrounding areas and beyond – like New Jersey! Band members Zach Moyle, Nick Ruroede, and Hector Bonora hail from Asbury Park, along with a few other bands you might have heard of. They came all the way down to Tampa Bay to

Lost In Society

sonically assault the patrons of Lucky You Tattoo and others gathered in the name of punk rock, and the crowd loved it! As piercing has long been a punk tradition, it should be no surprise that tattoos – multiple piercings with ink added – are also sported by most into punk rock, so it’s a match made in … Seminole!

Though the entire band is entirely competent and meshes as a unit, the lead singer/guitarist stood out as the manic master of both vocals and guitar, with a signature wear patch on the guitar’s surface showing how much abuse the instrument has taken on the road! As they have a new EP scheduled to drop May 25th, we were treated to brand new music for almost all of their set, and if the response is any indicator it’ll be a success. Listen to the single “Creature” here.

They are touring now through May 26th in the Southeast, catch them if you can!



If you’re a punk band looking for a band to help draw fans in the Tampa Bay area, you can’t go wrong with Wolf-Face. The band is semi-obscene, in-your-face (literally if you’re in the front), weird, disgusting, juvenile, and altogether tons of fun with a punk attitude! As you can see, they put on an energetic show, and no, I don’t know what the lead singer is wearing below the waist, and I don’t really want to know! It must be legal…I think. Oh, and if you have a problem with profanity, WTF are you doing at a punk concert? These guys make The Clash sound like elevator muzak! Indulge yourself, have a blast, go see these guys!

Teen Agers

Teen Agers is a an apt name for the Orlando-based quartet, they’re trying their best to retain that punk edge from high school, even though it was, um, a few years ago. Justin, Nick, Kyle, & Jordan are interested in punk rock, hoagies, long walks in Orlando traffic, and beer (is this starting to sound like a dating ad?) They formed in 2011, haven’t updated their Facebook bio since 2013, and self-describe: “Ever curious what would occur if you combined multiple quarter-life crises, a penchant for bottom-tier booze in plastic bottles and a Flanders-sized repertoire of puns in a punk rock powder keg? Erupting like a sonic Cthulhu from beneath the Florida swamps comes Teen Agers, the brainchild of four gentlemen with enough functioning neurons to constitute one able-bodied adult. With plenty of melody to satisfy the crowd at your rad wine mixers and hearty helpings of riffage guaranteed to satiate your unmitigated adolescent angst, Teen Agers are the result of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object; just…a bit slower, so as to not pull something.” Works for me! They’re just as much fun as they sound, so check them out!


Providing a solid punk foundation to build the night’s festivities on was Rutterkin. The Tampa Bay trio of Dave – Bass/Vocals, Jerm – Drums/Vocals, and James – Guitar/Vocals gifted us not only with their live musical talent, but with a free newly-released EP! How cool is that? Having had a chance to spin the disc in my car’s CD player a few times, the sound is theirs – but I must admit to liking the raw sound of the live set better. In case you’re wondering, a rutterkin is an old crafty fox, a beguiler, not in a nice way, although it’s also been the name of a cat and a horse – when you see them, ask!

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