Chatting with Blues artist Alex Zayas

Alex Zayas
By Anita Stewart and Lisa Geores/Journalists,- Rock At Night Tampa
Photos by Lisa Geores
Alex Zayas

Alex Zayas hails from Barcelona, Spain and tours worldwide and has played with some of the greats. While here on a winter vacation this impromptu gig was planned and a welcomed surprise to his local fans. This writer has seen Alex perform at planned events and the fact that he can play equally as well while on vacation is a testament to his wonderful talent.

Being  the “after party for ”Pigz in Zhills,” an annual happening in this small community, some fans arrived early, ready to have a good time; some even chanting, “where’s the band?” People of varying ages trickled in all night as Alex played a total of four sets. He was accompanied by his drummer, Jamie Riekens (aka Dr. Boom) and bassist, Chuck Riley. This was their first time playing together. As evidenced by the cheering, singing and dancing of the crowd, the trio worked their magic and blew everyone away! The  sets varied, focusing on Alex’s  own unique style, combining classic blues and rock. Listening to Alex took everyone on an amazing journey of upbeat, electric, funk rock all the way to smooth, mellow blues.

Alex Zayas

Alex masterfully navigates through each song and set, leaving the listener excitedly wondering what they will hear next. Will he deliver speedy licks or dial up a fat, mellow tone?  We also heard wonderful stories from Alex about the time he opened for the legendary B.B. King. The stories had the crowd roaring with laughter. This writer’s favorite part of the show was when Alex played “The Sky Is Crying” by Elmore James.

Though a native born Floridian, Texas Blues highly resonate with this writer, due in part  to the rich history that creates this style.  Alex’s outstanding guitar playing, terrific voice and charismatic presence make him a master at playing the Blues for a whole new generation of younger music lovers. Check out his three studio recordings HERE.

Rock at Night got to sit down with Alex Zayas to talk about the music, the scene in Barcelona, touring, some of his favorite venues and what he desires for the future and so much more.





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