Album review: Deadheads ‘This One Goes to 11’

Deadheads-Photo by Tim Ferm.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Review: Deadheads’ This One Goes to 11—Release date January 26, 2018 (High Roller Records)

When I first heard the name of the band “Deadheads” I had an image in my head: tie-dye, dreads, Birkenstocks, and hippy dancing. Boy, was I wrong when I listened to Swedish punk band’s third album This One Goes to 11.  From the first song I listened to “Blackout” I was hooked, not to mention being a huge Spinal Tap fan, I love they are paying homage to the “world’s loudest band.”  Deadheads could be described as speedy, punchy punk in the vein of New York Dolls or The Damned since there is a tinge of retro– and a ton of good old fashioned hard rock. The riffs are addictive, the vocals have a melodic yet 70s or 80s rock feel, and it is plain, all-around good music.

Here’s my first impressions as I listen to the CD song-by-song:

Blackout – Middle-Eastern synth intro with a blast of electric guitars and riveting vocals, very hard-driving punk song, 70s or 80s feel, a wild ride just short of 3 minutes.

Steps Before the Fall – Hard classic rock feel, over-driven guitars, great tom rolls on the drums…kind of Robert Plant-ish vocals, I am totally digging this CD!

Don’t Mind the Ghost – Traditional punk or garage rock feel, fast beat, as the chorus goes “Don’t mind the gho-oo-oo-st.”


Somebody Along the Way – Hard 70s rock or punk rock…This would have been great for pogo dancing in the day, very fast beat….The lyrics go “I need somebody, I need somebody, along the way”…I’m lovin’ that Deadheads throws in a traditional lead guitar solo in the mix.

Manic Mondays – Very fast beat, nice honky-tonk piano accompaniment in this song which has a very classic 70s hard rock or punk flavor.

Too Lost to be Found – Slow groovin’ intro, 80s feel, and danceable as the vocals sings, “You’re too lost to be found, yeah baby, your too lost to be found….”

The Plan – Hard-core punk, infectious riff throughout, and I can picture a crowd in a smoky bar pogo dancing and body slamming. Honestly, a great retro punk feel.

Instant Control – New wave-ish and punky 80s sound. I love this one! This song makes me want to dance in a frenzy as the lyrics go “Nobody will tell me what to do, I do what I want I don’t need no rules….”  Sounds like a good message to me!

Lucifer – Guitar distortion, fast punk, singing about Lucifer in an upbeat sort of way…really!

My Time – Pop-punk but also melodic punk sound, guitar lead in the middle, kind of Green Day-ish

Status Low – Hard-driving rock song, very fast frantic beat, with a cool guitar-driven pause and return to the chorus.



Manne Olander- rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, lead and back vocals, piano, synthesizer & percussion
Rickard Hellgren – lead guitar, slide and back vocals
Tim Ferm – drums, percussion & double drums
Olle Griphammar – bass & fender baritone




Song List:

– Black Out
– Don’t Mind the Ghost
– Somebody Along the Way
– Manic Mondays
– Too Lost to be Found
– The Plan
– Instant Control
– 2 Steps Before the Fall
– Lucifer
– My Time
– Status Low


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Deadheads Facebook

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