Album Review: Gothminister’s ‘The Other Side”

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

CD Review: Gothminister’s The Other Side--AFM Records-Released October 13, 2017

I find industrial music delightfully dark and frightful so I was overjoyed to listen to Norwegian Industrial band Gotherminister’s CD The Other Side, which I popped into the CD player of the car.  A little background about the band—it is fronted by Bjørn Alex Brem, who is actually an entertainment lawyer. Really!  The live shows are cinematic, entertaining horror shows in the vein of Marilyn Manson or the father of horror rock, Alice Cooper.

The first song “Ich Will Alles” or “I Want It All” in English starts out slow and symphonic with violins playing a sad melody but then breaks into a pounding, heavy industrial beat with Gotherminister saying “Ich Will Alles.” He then sings the song in English—actually most of the CD is in English, much to my delight. I love German industrial music (e.g., Rammstein) but have no idea what the band is singing. The lyrics are very dark and tell the story, as Gothminister growls about “leaving God behind…because I have darkness on my mind.” The song is full of energy and I can picture dancing to it at a Goth or post-punk nightclub.

The second song “The Sun” has the same dark, industrial energy but there are harmonies in the background.  The lyrics can be interpreted to be Satanic, like the band Ghost, but the music is actually fierce and uplifting, in a “pop” sort of way, with infectious choruses and melodies. Yes, you can count on an ear worm erupting.

“Der Fliegende Mann” is a mix of symphonic metal and industrial music, with a German chorus that says “Ich habe Angst! Has Du Nicht?” The song “Aegir” is really different from the rest and seems like a slower, almost alt-rock ballad.

“Red Christ” starts with a church organ intro and a flurry of synths, it sounds very industrial, similar to Front 242, and melds into a hard rock song with a growling voice which declares, “The limits of man, I’ve turned so blind but I feel future is coming.” The lyrics seem almost like a commentary about the world and the political climate today.



“We Are the Ones Who Rule the World” makes me think of Nine Inch Nails with the crunchy guitars and driving beat. Again, Gothminister is making a political statement. Toward the end of the song, it slows and a female voice, almost “pop-like” interjects “We are the ones who rule the world.”

Other short descriptions include: “All This Time”, which is dark, grinding, and philosophical; “Day of Reckoning” has a symphonic metal feel to it; “Taking Over”, electro-synth but definitely industrial, with female harmonies, which are a nice touch; “Somewhere in Time”, has a spooky-horror riff which I really like, and has whispering and growling (I call it the “baritone, Satan-growl”), and then turns very melodic and symphonic.

Overall, I have a very favorable impression of the CD, and I suggest buying the actual CD. It comes with beautiful packaging and lyric liner notes.  This is for all fans of industrial music and those that like Ghost, Nine Inch Nails, or Marilyn Manson.




01. Ich Will Alles
02. The Sun
03. Der Fliegende Mann
04. Aegir
05. Red Christ
06. We Are The Ones Who Rule The World
07. All This Time
08. Day Of Reckoning
09. Taking Over
10. Somewhere In Time


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