The duo the other SHI bring their ’emotional hardcore love’ to Welcome to the Village festival

the other SHI

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands

Venue: Welcome to The Village festival, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

the other SHI

“the other SHI” is a songwriter/producer duo based in Hamburg, Germany. They are very popular in the German alternative club and festival scene and working on their international break through. the other SHI is focused on creative electronica wit a melancholic touch. Producer Gordian creates soundscapes with catchy beats and songwriter Ada brings lyrics full of pain, love, lust and all the things in between. Sometimes vulnerable, sometimes sultry or powerful, but always in an expressive way.

The debate album </3 associates a little with the triphop of Portishead, the duo describes their music as ‘emotional hardcore love’. At the moment they are working on a new EP.

RAN shot photos of the other SHI at the festival Welcome to The Village at Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.







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