Aussie Floyd is “Money” at Twin River Casino

Australian Floyd

By Mike McKenney, Rock At Night New England Correspondent

Venue: Twin River Casino, Rhode Island

Australian Floyd

It’s almost 30 yrs ago that the first inception of a tribute band to Pink Floyd came into being, and although their have been many cast changes over the years, this current line-up really resonates with their fan base.
Standing in line before the show, fans were enthusiastically debating and comparing Aussie Floyd to the original band as well as other Pink Floyd tribute bands, and the overall consensus seems to be the 2015 addition of Chris Barnes and Ricky Howard have put this group of talented musicians right up there with some of the best previous incarnations.

Aussie Floyd plays with the surgical precision of Pink Floyd, while allowing their own personality to shine through also. During a Meet and Greet before the show they were all laughing and joking with each other and the fans, and it was apparent while onstage they are having fun and love what they are doing. A tribute to their talent, Aussie Floyd played at Pink Floyd’s David Gilmore, 50th birthday party.

Australian Floyd

Originals Steve Mac (guitar, vocals) and Jason Sawford (keyboards) were outstanding all night while long time saxophonist Mike Kidson cracked up the audience with his funnyman antics (Money).
Ricky Howard and Colin Wilson (bass, vocals) set the bottom seamlessly for the incredible guitar of David Domminney Fowler. Drummer Paul Bonney channels Nick Mason like no other while the vocals led by Chris Barnes (aided by the perfectly in sync back up ladies) Emily Lynn, Lara Smiles, and Lorelei McBroom, were spot on.

To no ones surprise the setlist contained many of the well known hits from the “Dark Side of the Moon“ and “The Wall”. opening with ”Speak to Me”, “Breathe”, “On the Run”, and Great Gig in the Sky.
Throughout the night they mixed songs with implied political intent “Us and Them”,”’ Brain Damage”, and Run Like Hell, with a killer laser show and a giant bouncing inflatable kangaroo.
Aussie Floyd closed with the trademark “Comfortably Numb”, (featuring a Fowler solo}

Kudos to the Twin River casino for being able to accommodate this complex mix of light and sound without a traditional arena. This casino is expanding, adding a new hotel and we can only hope a nice arena is not far behind to see great bands such as The Australian Pink Floyd Show. Check out casino reviews if you’re looking for a great venue.

Set List

Speak to Me
On the Run
The Great Gig in the Sky
Us and Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage
Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Run Like Hell
Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb

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