The Mysterons let the music meander

The Mysterons

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands

The Mysterons

The Mysterons is an upcoming band in The Netherlands–and to categorize their music is a difficult job. Some of the terms you can find in the reviews are ’indie’, ’psychedelic’, ‘arabic, ‘indian’, ‘eastern’, ‘mysterious’, ‘sixties’, ‘groovy’, ‘smart compositions’  and ‘sometimes Kate Bush-on-acid’. Since 2014 they have appeared at many important Dutch music festivals. Recently, the band released the album Meandering, and by the way, the title also refers also to the music. The reviews are very good, though journalists differ in the description of the music.

RAN saw the band live at the music festival ‘Here Comes The Summer’ on Vlieland, one of the Dutch isles, and captured their music in images. Check the photo gallery below:

The Mysterons is: Josephine van Schaik (vocals); Jordy Sanger (guitar); Pyke Pasman (Hammond, keys); Peter Peskens (bass); Sonny Groeneveld (drums)






Photo Gallery



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