Fink’s blues kept the audience warm at ‘Here Comes the Summer’ festival

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands

Fink got the blues. The British man, formerly known as DJ/producer, made a career change in 2006 to singer/songwriter. Recently he released the album Fink’s Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1, also the name of the European tour he’s doing with his band at the moment.

The album is based on traditional blues genres, like country, swamp, and a little gospel. But it’s undeniable Fink, and in the way of producing, you can hear Fink is a contemporary producer. It’s not clear if FSNBC is only a side project, ‘Vol. 1’  suggests a ‘Vol.2’.

The live show contains mostly slow and medium tempo songs in sober arrangements and modest performances, and gets a kind of meditative character. RAN caught the band’s show at ‘Here Comes The Summer’ a music festival at Vlieland, The Netherlands. Fink played in the open air in the evening. The temperature was hardly 10˚Celsius, but Fink’s Blues Club kept the audience warm.

Fink (the band) is: Fin Greenall: vox/guitar; Guy Whittaker: bass; Tim Thornton: drums/guitar.

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