Timberwolf’s new single ‘Washed Out’ is layered, intricate and melodic

By Deb Kloeden, Adelaide correspondent

Up-Coming Tour, ‘Washed Out‘ single launch

Adelaide’s Indie/Alt Rock artist, Timberwolf has released a new single. Washed Out is the first taste of his highly anticipated debut album, due for release this year. “Washed Out’ has been placed on high rotation on Australia’s national radio station, Triple J, giving it maximum exposure to listeners. It is a song that definitely gets better with repeated plays.

Washed Out’ is lyrical, melodic and poignant. It contains all the ingredients for success; a recurring catchy chorus, rhythmic guitar work and heartfelt, delicate vocals. On listening, one slides gracefully into the song, like reading a well-constructed novel. It is layered with an intricate mix of sounds & repeated chords. The high notes create mini climaxes, providing a wonderful euphoric feel.

Timberwolf describes the inspiration for the song in his eloquent, story-telling style.
“I actually wrote the lyrics to Washed Out two years before it blossomed into what you could call a song. On my first tour up the East Coast and through Sydney in 2014, my band of best friends at the time and I had finished a show in someone’s backyard. We drove the van full of sand and trinkets to Bondi quite late at night, and in one of these kind of intoxicated, doey-eyed, euphoric and almost meditative moments in the all-consuming present (or the ‘eternal now’ as Alan Watts would have you believe), we decided to strip off to skinny dip.
It was a moment of what felt like complete potential, possibility, and freedom. At this point it was probably three in the morning, and the water was bone-chilling. The water sent shivers crawling up the back of my neck every time it came in touch with a new piece of my dry skin, but it was restorative and completely invigorating. I remember as we slowly waded deeper through roaring laughter and elation, that there was quite a bit of swell and the night was jet-black. I realised apart from shimmering reflections of the moonlight on the water, I was mostly blind, and couldn’t even see the waves approach until they washed over me. I was very much at the mercy of all things unpredictable, and in that moment you couldn’t afford to be anything but completely present. Two years on I’ve come to really value that state of being. I think it’s rare and the closest I get to inner-peace. I remember the ocean and the sky forming one homogenous indigo blanket. I couldn’t see where one stopped and where the other began, and that’s where I came up with the expression ‘Washed Out’. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but reflect on the idea of death, and the falling out of a close friendship I had in my mid-teens. I guess death can exist in any form, whether it’s the death of a friendship, romance, a physical being or even a mind-set.
It wasn’t until this time last year, collaborating with Oscar (Holy Holy) and Jonathan Boulet that I re-visited the lyrics. Spurred on by the recent ‘death’ of a long-distance relationship, we built from a riff I had in the introduction to the song, and fleshed out the rest of the composition together. Jono played the original drums, and even though I recorded a second version of the song from scratch with my current band and co-producer Jackson Barclay, I still kept Oscar’s original guitar solo. It was a really special moment born out of some pretty ethereal momentum.”

To celebrate and promote the new single, Timberwolf is performing 2 shows in Adelaide and Melbourne next month:

Thursday 16th Feb – The Grace Emily, Adelaide, SA

Saturday 18th Feb – The Grace Darling, Melbourne, Vic

These shows are sure to be a real treat.



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Deb Kloeden

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