Rock At Night’s Recap of the Best of 2016

Punk Rock Bowling, Asbury Park, New Jersey; Photo by Andrea Ramirez

Here we are near the end of 2016—and what it year it was in the rock and roll industry. We lost of lot of great artists, it was an election year in the U.S., and Rock At Night was there covering music around the world to keeping the world informed of new artists, live show reviews, podcast interviews, and festival coverage. We have expanded to coverage in more cities in the US , Europe, and South America. We have interviewed rock and metal legends. We are expanding all the time!

We at Rock At Night decided to make a couple of lists of artists we have discovered this year and notable albums that should be on your radar.

Mother Feather. Photo by Chyrisse Tabone.

New Discoveries in 2016



The Shelters

Brothers in Law (Italy)



The Temperance Movement

Joanne Shaw Taylor

The Banshee Pilot

Bad Touch

July Talk

Fantastic Negrito

Angela McCluskey


Mother Feather

JD & the Straight Shot

Zeke Duhon

A Devil’s Din

Palaye Royal


Larissa Vienna and the Strange

Saint Agnes

Kris Barras


Holy Bouncer

The Sly Persuaders

Clever Thing


Old Man Gloom

Escape the Fate

I the Mighty

Monster Truck




Hands Off Gretel

Jordan Allen


Magic Gang





Winter Gypsy

Wasted Wanderers

The Strides

Glenn Hughes

LaRissa Vienna and the Strange

Alexey Poblete

Glenn Hughes- Photo by Joel Barrios

Favorite Albums of 2016 We Keep on “Repeat”

Bad Touch Truth Be Told

Glen Hughes Resonate

Gary Hoey Dust and Bones

Angela McCluskey  The Roxy Sessions

Bleeker -Bleeker (EP)

Zeke Duhon- Zeke Duhon (EP)

Roadkill Records-Volume 1

A Devil’s Din Skylight

Nigel Thomas Travelling Man

Dollyrots Mama’s Gonna’ Knock You Out (EP)

Speed of Sound Everything Changes

Broken Witt Rebels Georgia Pine

The Treatment Generation Me

Evolfo Last of the Acid Cowboys

Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason

Russian Circles Guidance

A Tribe Called Quest We Got It From Here

Jeff Beck Loud Hailer


White Denim Stiff

Slaves Take Control

Biffy Clyro Ellipsis 2

Last Shadow Puppets  Everything You’ve Come to Expect

Chris Stapleton’s  Traveller

David Bowie  Blackstar

Kanye West  The Life of Pablo

Beyonce  Lemonade

Real Friends’  The Home Inside My Head

Monster Truck  Sittin’ Heavy

Delain  Moonbathers

Sonata Arctica  The Ninth Hour

Primal Fear Rulebreaker

RUFUS  Bloom

SAFIA  Internal

Matt Corby Telluric

Thrice  To Be Everywhere Is Nowhere

Bonnie Raitt  Dig in Deep  
Danielle Ate the Sandwich Terrible Dinner Guest
Ann Wilson. Photo by Steven Neff

Special Moments in 2016

Rosine Alleva: Marcus Miller interview. Such a great soul.

Haintso Rakouth: Mutoid Man was the best band to shoot this year. Their show is full of energy and laughter. I got to meet them at another show (still shy around meeting awesome musicians)

Petra Leusmann: Best live show—SOTO.

SPECIAL Contribution by Jose Oliveira and Rosine Alleva, Journalists/Photographers for Rock At Night France

The BEACH BOYS and I, it’s a long and beautiful story! Their music was the soundtrack of my adolescence, spent in Portugal.

Obviously, we were playing guitar and picking up girls! We practiced, we finally mastered all the standards of the British Boom (Eric CLAPTON, THE ANIMALS, HENDRIX, BEATLES… and even DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK and TICH.) Do you know these 2 last ones?

 We were a wealthy family and allowed ourselves to spend all summers, 3 months of holidays at the Beach!!! Highschool closed its doors from June 29 till October 6!!! I didn’t need CALIFORNIA, to feel like a perfect BEACH BOY!!! I was in Paradise!

 And then, one day, BRIAN WILSON, the martyred leader of the BEACH BOYS, released an album, miles away from all that was best at the time. “PET SOUNDS” was a huge revelation. And it would be known much later that it was the artistic detonator for the BEATLES to embark on the “SERGEANT PEPPER”adventure!

And we made the girls vibrate” quite for a while on “Good Vibrations”

So when the lovely Director of the Festival BALOISE SESSION (BASEL-Switzerland), Beatrice STIRNIMANN, gave us an exclusive phone interview for Rock At Night, from LOS ANGELES, I had to be ready and I imagined myself in MALIBU, sitting side by side with BRIAN, sipping Mojitos. It was 3.30pm in California and 00.30am here in Colmar! Outside, it was very cold. Something like minus 3!! But in my living room and with 21 °, I was dressed up…. to throw myself in the water! Another very special emotion! Magical moment when I heard Melissa, his wife, asking me “José, are you ready?” And when he announced that he would release a record of pure Rock n’Roll in 2017, I felt it was more than time to prepare “my lifebuoy”. I can’t swim!!! It doesn’t matter, BRIAN WILSON told me he didn’t go to the beach since 10 years anyway!!!

Brian Wilson. Photo by Jose Oliveira


 Contributors to the list: Joel Barrios, John Clay, Gus Samarco, Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek, Christi Lain-Vest, Petra Leusmann, Deb Kloeden, Jose Oliveira, Rosine Alleva, Carey Langsner, Vicki DiAddezio, Lisa Bower, Chyrisse Tabone, Haintso Rakouth, Andras Paul, Daniele Cauley, Rick Slagter, Steven Neff, Chris Patmore, and Desh Kapur.


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