The Outlaws ‘Legacy Live’ double album”: brings back memories and puts a smile on your face

The Outlaws

By John Russell, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Review: The Outlaws “Legacy Live” Double Album Review–Available USA/Canada 11/18/16

the-outlaws-legacy-live-e1479024587387As I drove to work on I-75 in West Central Florida one day last week I had the opportunity to preview the newest album offering from one of my favorite bands The Outlaws.   The Outlaws new live double album Legacy Live will debut in the US and Canada November 18th.

As I eased into 6th gear and slipped the disc into my stereo as the intro began, I felt a lump in my throat and a smile on my face.   As a dedicated fan of southern rock, The Outlaws were always one of my favorite bands.   Taking myself back a few decades… I can recall playing “Green Grass and High Tides” with my good friends Craig, Greg, Thom and Mark in the garage.   My friends were all the real musicians and I just wanted to be part of it all and I was! I can remember seeing The Henry Paul Band in a bar in Buffalo in the 1980’s and my friend Greg was ecstatic about doing a shot of whiskey with Henry Paul!

Today I still remember those chords and those good times that we had together just the guys playing for fun and listening to the soulful lyrics of all the great old songs now combined so tastefully in this new live album.   The smile on my face and the lump in my throat are there because of what these songs in an earlier time meant to my friends and myself. Listening to these songs, the inner meaning still rings as loud today as it ever did.

The Outlaws
The Outlaws

The catalog of songs of this band revolves around the myriad stories of love won and lost and friends who we revere.   While Henry Paul speaks of Hughie and Billie, we who listen think of those who have meant much to each of us throughout our own lives. How songs that we listened to in a certain time became special to us for often reasons or people that were much different than the literal meaning of the lyrics.

What I speak of is what in the end is the only thing that we have to truly call our own throughout our lives and that is our memories.

It is my opinion as an avid follower of The Outlaws that Legacy Live represents perhaps their best work and compilation of songs both old and new. The fidelity and production quality is equal to the performance captured in the recording. Having attended an Outlaws Henry Paul Band concert within the past year, I have to say that this album perfectly captures the “live moment.”

The Outlaws
The Outlaws

While the titles of the old songs may be familiar, the nuance that comes out in a live performance as we all know, is what defines a live concert as compared to a studio cut. Even if you have most of The Outlaws previous recordings you should not let that stop you from entertaining obtaining Legacy Live. It is THAT good!

The searing guitar of Chris Anderson and Steve Grisham leave no doubt about how well “The Guitar Army” has carried the banner.   The soulful vocals and sweet acoustic guitar of bandleader Henry Paul bring back memories of both joy and pain in “So Long” and “Song in the Breeze.”

This band has more “anthems” than any band that I can recall.   “So Long” is one but then again there is “Gray Ghost,” and “Green Grass and High Tides.”   Each of these songs carry special meaning that runs deep, but each in different ways.

The old songs which we all know and love are tastefully combined with their newer songs that carry a distinctly Nashville flavor.   In particular, I find “Born to be Bad” growing on me because it just works so well with the All American Harley Davidson lifestyle which remains an iconic symbol of what is and can be American.

“It’s About Pride” I am feeling is on its way to becoming another Outlaw’s Anthem. It just has that feel.   There is so much to smile about in this album that I have been playing it for a week.   I encourage all Outlaws fans to go grab a copy of “Legacy Live” on November 18th and you’ll soon have a smile on your face and maybe a lump in your throat too.

The Outlaws
The Outlaws


Henry Paul – guitars, vocals

Monte Yoho – drums

Chris Anderson – lead guitar, vocals

Randy Threet – bass, vocals

Dave Robbins – keyboards, vocals

Steve Grisham – lead guitar, vocals


CD1: There Goes Another Love Song * Hurry Sundown * Hidin` Out In Tennessee * Freeborn Man * Born To Be Bad * Song In The Breeze * Girl From Ohio * Holiday * Gunsmoke * Grey Ghost

CD2: South Carolina * So Long * Prisoner * Cold Harbor * Trail Of Tears * It`s About Pride * Waterhole * Knoxville Girl * Green Grass & High Tides Forever * (Ghost) Riders In The Sky


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