Outlaw crooner Hans Hannemann releases ‘Makin’ up for livin’ easy’ at Vera club, Groningen

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands Correspondent

Venue: Veraclub Groningen, The Netherlands-November 19, 2016

“An outlaw crooner” is the way the Dutch singer/songwriter Hans Hannemann describes himself. His way of singing and performing – he has a low voice and he’s always wearing a suit – is crooner-like, and for him ‘outlaw’ stands for his connection with rock’n’roll. On November 19th he released his album Makin’ up for livin’ easy’ at Veraclub, Groningen, The Netherlands. The 30-something Hannemann has been writing songs since he was a teenager. This album contains a selection of songs from then till now and got already positive reviews.

At this moment Hans Hannemann is taking his almost sold out tour through The Netherlands, together with Douwe Bob, the Dutch representative of the Eurovision Song Contest #2016.

RAN was at the release party and shot Hans Hannemann and his band The Lone Riders.

Hans Hannemann & The Lone Riders is René Monsma – bas; Marcel Wolthof – drums; Rolf Verbaant – guitars; Merijn de Boer – keyboards, special guests The Lone Riders Horns (Marc Hannemann – ts; Maple Hupkens – tp; Obed Brinkman – tb)

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