Deadcuts–‘Aries’ interview with John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent

By John Clay, Rock At Night Columnist–London

[Filmed By Natanya L. Waybourne/Questions By John Clay] Flatbush Zombies and Deadcuts created the track ‘Aries’ for MARVEL’S Black Panther animated adventure. Mark and Jerome answered John Clay’s answers with brutal honesty and trademark anarchic asides. Nothing more important than community, and these guys bleed comradeship. We need that message now – more than ever, and this channel is proud to work in partnership with such an integrity based band via the ever growing force that is ROCK AT NIGHT.

This is a MUST SEE for any Deadcuts fan!


Deadcuts (‘Aries’ Interview with John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent)

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Deadcuts: Hit On All Sixes

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