Vans Warped Tour 2016: Meet Dash Ten

Dash Ten

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Rock At Night loves to support the Vans Warped Tour and of course, all the bands involved. We are starting a series of articles to introduce you to some of the newcomers who will be on the 2016 Vans Warped. Meet Dash Ten based in Louisville, Kentucky!


Dash Ten


Members: Steve Ebert, Pete Greenberg, Corrin Campbell; Genre: Rock; Home Town: Louisville, KY


Rock At Night is really excited to introduce you to the world. Tell us about the band….what are your names and what instrument does each person play?

Corrin is our front woman and bassist. Steve plays guitars and Pete plays drums.

How long have you been together and how did the band form?
The band is actually pretty new. We had all played together before in different situations, but Dash|Ten came together earlier this year. Our first performance as Dash|Ten was the Warped Tour kick-off in Orlando, and it was live cast all over the world. It was really exciting to debut that way.
How would you describe the genre of music?

We are organic rock. We don’t use any AutoTune, and a lot of our performances on the album were taken in just a couple takes. We try to edit as little as possible and just let the music speak for itself.

Dash Ten
Dash Ten

Do you have any EPs or albums out?
We just released our self-titled debut album in May. It was recorded over time, in different sessions at different locations. It’s kind of a compilation of music we’ve been putting together for some time.

We also held back one single and released it on June 8 through Warped Tour called “Our Time Now”. In light of the tragedy in Orlando and some of the crazy political stuff happening in the world, we really wanted that song to stand alone.

Is this your first Warped Tour? What was the first thing you did when you found out you were going on the Warped Tour?

This is our first Warped Tour as Dash|Ten. Corrin has done it as a solo artist in the past. We were blown away when Kevin (owner of Warped Tour) invited us to play this year. So many bands have to work really hard before being offered that kind of opportunity, and to get that kind of offer right at the start was amazing. It was safe to say we did our happy dance when we found out that, not only would we be playing Warped, but we’d be playing the live webcast kick-off as well.

Have you toured before with the band? If so, what is the best thing about touring and the worst thing?

Even just a few days into Warped Tour, it’s easy to say that the fans are the best part. We are sweating SO much all day. The heat is killer. But the fans who are discovering us for the first time, or saw us on the kick-off, make every bead of sweat totally worth it. They are amazing.

Dash Ten
Dash Ten

The Warped Tour helps a lot of non-profits. Is there a particular charity or non-profit that is dear to your heart?  Tell me a little about it.

There are so many great non-profits out here. MusiCares is an obvious favorite because of everything they do for our industry. So many bands are working SO hard to make ends meet and do what they love, so the fact that MusiCares is there to support our community is amazing.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that young people face today?
Probably the same thing we struggle with – authenticity. It’s a tough thing, because you’re spending so many years of your life (or even all of them) figuring out who you are inside. There are expectations online, in person, in advertising… there’s a lot of pressure to be a lot of things in the world, but at the end of the day true happiness can only come from being true to yourself. We work at it every day, and hope that it encourages others to do the same.

What stage will you be playing on?
We’re playing on the Full Sail University stage. This is especially cool because Corrin is actually an online student in their Internet Marketing program. It’s awesome to be able to indirectly advocate for a school that is helping our band learn how to be successful.
Do you have any advice for bands starting out? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Work, work, work. The hustle never ends! If you love music, be ready to pour yourself into it. Build as much as you can on your own before trying to chase down a label deal (if ever), because the more complete package you have to offer, the more control you’ll retain over your art. And lastly, INVEST IN YOUR FANS. Give them the time of day. Talk to them on social media. Remember as many faces as humanly possible. Do everything you can to give back because they are the ones keeping your music alive. You can’t do it with them.



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