Skanking with Knight Susan

Knight Susan

By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen Correspondent

Venue: Vera Club, Groningen, The Netherlands

Ska is still alive in The Netherlands, since the 80ies. It has been a little low profile, but during the last years it’s gaining popularity again. In Groningen, a city in the north of the country, new ska bands are founded, and some ‘skanatics’ organise new ska events. One of the rather new bands is Knight Susan. This large band (10 people) has a three person horn section as well as a three person vocal section, which gives the band their characteristic sound. Their music is not strictly ska, but they are also inspired by related styles. On stage Knight Susan is one piece of energy and enthusiasm! RAN caught the band at Vera Club Groningen, during the 3 days festival ‘SkaSjock’.

 Members: Maple Hupkens, Yasmijn Kramer, Annemarie Aikema, Fynn van Rijn, Willie Achterberg, Stefano Dulcis, Folkert van der Molen, Volker Bauland, Marc Hannemann & Teun Brandt

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Rick Slagter
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