Karnivool woos crowd in Sydney with dark, subdued yet explosive metal


By Courtney Dabb, Rock At Night Sydney Correspondent

Manning Bar, Sydney, AU-June 18, 2016- Karnivool supported by Fait

The melancholy and atmospheric sound of Fait driven in tandem by Darrell Sundai‘s solid drumming and Elise Higgins on semi acoustic guitar. Shrouded in low light and gently accompanied by Mike Antonas on rhythm and Rob Stephens on bass.  Moments of explosive energy would surge across the band before reverting to a darker and more subdued sound. Higgins alternated between guitar and keys without a single vocal uttered but any words were unnecessary as their music truly spoke more volumes A band that would not be out of place on any large festival stage with a huge cult following.

Karnivool came to the stage with a full capacity venue and high expectations with punters having had to wait some time for their Western Australian counterparts to venture so far east. Ian Kenny didn’t waste time and kick started the set with the high octane performance of Goliath we have come to expect with Karnivool.

In turn the crowd responded with an instant uproar as they were bathed in sea light. Their solid back catalogue ensured a mix of new and old as they launched into a new track All It Takes.  Kenny’s characteristics sway, wavering back and forth as if to prepare himself as much as the crowd for an all-out sonic assault, catapulted into Set Fire and Animation.

The pairing of  Jon Stockman bass and Mark Hosking on guitar, gashed away feverishly only stopping momentarily to swap guitars before unleashing another wave of energy in the form of All I Know and Deadman.

With a full kit, Steve Judd on drums bashed away with barely any pause. The only respite coming from a busted snare and exchanging a new one. The tracks Roquefort, Themata, Aeons and New Day one after another for a relentless barrage that was widely welcomed by every sweaty punter pushed up against the barrier. An all mighty set that was over as quickly as it started.

Members: Ian Kenny – Vocals Andrew “Drew” Goddard – Guitar Mark “Hoss” Hosking – Guitar Jon Stockman – Bass Steve Judd – Drums

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June 18, 2016-Manning Bar, Sydney




Courtney Dabb

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