Ellie Goulding and Matt & Kim bring their ‘Delirium’ party train to Tampa

Ellie Goulding

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Amelie Arena, Tampa, Florida–June 2, 2016–Ellie Goulding with Matt & Kim–Delirium World Tour

On Thursday night at the Amelie Arena, fans were treated to a non-stop party of uplifting music starting with the dynamite duo Matt & Kim.  I listen to Sirius XM radio station a lot and Alt-Nation sometimes features their music, so I was familiar with their hits.  The concert stated at 7 p.m., which is pretty early considering people may be still driving home from work. The arena was only partially filled at this time but Matt & Kim came out like a fireball, already worked up with a sweat as if they were doing zumba before the show.  Kim jumped on the drum kit and Matt leaped on the keyboard.  They were constantly jumping all over the stage and getting the crowd worked up.  Their music is really fun and I can picture plenty frat or sorority parties playing their CDs to “get the party started”.  Matt & Kim are really a barrel of fun and a must-see for all that love to dance or work-out.

Next up with the multi-talented new pop princess Ellie Goulding. Flanked by simply awesome dancers, a crew of back-up singers, and full-band, Goulding pulled all the stops to create not only great music but a great and entertaining show.  The packed crowd of 20-somethings were totally dancing, singing along, and arm waving as she sang, danced, strutted, twirled, and even banged on a snare drum ala Sheila E style.

The pairing of Ellie Goulding with Matt & Kim made this the ticket  of fun!  Tampa was filled with electronic party and dance music which proved to be a thrilling evening. Miss Goulding is definitely talented, beautiful, and the new “it” girl–so Taylor, please step aside.

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