Clark Kent’s Live Sessions: Meet Dumbjaw

By John Clay, Rock At Night Columnist-London

John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent records bands live in session with the cinematic flair of an auteur. Often, the bands are encouraged to play previously unheard material. They occasionally say ‘yes’.

Welcome to the limbo between documentary performance and official music video!  Live Session 1 Series.

John Says: ‘Dumbjaw. Awesome name. Catchy songs. What more does one need to know?


Dumbjaw pic for Rock at NightWell, there’s the name of the song for a start: ‘Something for the Clowns’, a new track by the band that briefly changed their name to Sourgard. Yeah, that was a close one.

As usual, I ‘ambushed’ the practice session, and so only had about 45 mins of actual shooting time before the band had to leave. These guys worked really well with the pressure and damn, they were tight. If you’re a fan of Nirvana, Them Crooked Vultures and all things punk rock then you should be listening to the vid by now, not reading this!

Gotta give a shout out to Dexter K of Meat Loving Vegans for fixing up the sound. Meaty guitars (no pun intended) and keeping the slick bassline audible are down to his time and effort.

The lighting of the room was actually inspired by a key scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Didn’t tell the band that at the time. They might have said no! But with Lenny’s hair the way it was and the amount of white background – well – I had to achieve some blue light to complement the random red light already present.

Keep a look out for this band. The best is yet to come.’   Live Sessions Season 1 Video 9: Dumbjaw

Season 1-Video 9

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