MATT CORBY’S Telluric Tour showcases the art of perfection

By Deb Kloeden, Rock At Night Adelaide Correspondent

Review: Matt Corby’s Australian Telluric Tour

Venue: Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, 28th April 2016

Matt Corby TelluricAfter 5 EP’s, Matt Corby’s tour presents the debut album Telluric to his fans. The album title means ‘of the Earth’, or terrestrial, echoing Corby’s ‘down to earth’ understanding of life experiences.

Having bought the album pre-sale, I came to the theatre fully prepared for the music from the album. However, I was not prepared for the whole visual experience, which totally blew my mind and gave me a lot of pleasure. After lining up to get my photo pass, I entered the theatre to find there was no photo pit and already many people were pressed against the front of the stage. So I had to settle for a far side view. After the first 3 songs, I headed toward the back of the theatre to get a more holistic view. This is when I fully appreciated the stage set, a work of art in itself, much like the album cover. Strategic spotlights highlighted the 6 musicians creating a dramatic effect. An enormous banner of flames lit the background periodically and curtain-like trees (or earthy growths) framed the whole stage. Together with Matt’s crooning lyrics and faultless sound, all my senses were sated.

Apart from presenting the songs from the album, Matt also treated the appreciative audience to old favourites like Resolution and Brother. However it was a privilege to see him perform my new favourites like Monday, Sooth Lady Wine and Knife Edge. Monday he performs solo, using pre-recorded loops to add harmonies, and finger clicks to provide the beat. Sooth Lady Wine makes me melt into the song, reminding me of a seductive, dimly lit bar. I just have to sway to this song. Knife Edge is a bit more up-beat with a catchy melody, adding a nice contrast to some of the other more contemplative tracks.

Matt’s Telluric tour will be playing 3 shows in Melbourne, then Sydney and Perth, before heading to USA and Canada in May and June. So if you can catch him and his band somewhere, you’re in for a real treat.



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