Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack: Chatting with The Statue Thieves

By John Clay, Rock At Night Columnist-London

Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack

Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:
Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:

Rock At Night welcomes a new column called Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack.  Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay pounces upon bands he’s either just discovered at a gig or has stalked for some time. We are proud to host his weekly ‘Double A Side’ Attack where an ‘ambush’ video of an artist/band is accompanied by a music video showcasing their unique talent.

You can read more about “Clark Kent” in Rock At Night’s interview here.

The Statue Thieves 2This week’s artist: The Statue Thieves

Sounds like: Where soul meets grunge with a warm psychedelic centre

 The Statue Thieves: ‘I’ve been a fan of Craig Ingham for many a year now and the transition from singer songwriter to band has been not only seamless, but revealing. I can only think of a handful of artists who can muster power using chilled vocals and loud guitars. Nigel Thomas comes to mind. Check out their interview and THAT stellar live performance in the vids below. Yeah!’ – Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay.
The band members are Craig Ingham (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Ivan Muela (guitar, vocals) Gennaro Oliviero (drums) Michal Domin ( bass guitar )


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