The Metro Theatre hosts a sweet double treat–You Am I and Delta Riggs

You Am I

By Courtney Dabb, Rock At Night Sydney Correspondent

Venue: The Metro Theatre-December 2, 2015–You Am I “The Bargain Bin Bon Vivants Tour” with The Delta Riggs

A double treat of Melbourne acts started with Delta Riggs blasting through their set with energy to spare and microphones to burn (having copped a beating during the opening tracks). A Noel Gallagher-like presence of lead singer Elliott Hammond provided a characteristic lean on the mic stand with one arm wrapped behind his back, nursing a bottle of wine.  Maybe the half-finished bottle of red Elliott was holding throughout the first few tracks but a B-52’s Love Shack cover half slipped out before shifting gear with grubby bass lead rock.

When not slamming drinks Elliott’s hands were full; exchanging guitar for harmonica to maracas and even a megaphone. A lively support that set the stage for the band everyone was there to see.

After twenty five years, 10 studio albums, 10 Aria awards, two live albums (one a 3LP boxset), two “best of” albums, hundreds of sold out shows and playing with heroes like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Replacements and The Kaisers, You Am I were back on tour with their new album Porridge & Hotsauce.

A mix of new and old fans had packed the Metro Theatre and were in high spirits for a school night. Opening with some newer tracks and after dancing the jig whilst running through some country flavoured sounds, a ferment “fuck this” by Tim Roger saw an axe shredding rampage, grinding the fretboard for all it was worth in an explosion of rock.

Not to outdone fellow guitarist Davey Lane had all the shake and swagger of a veteran performer. Solid showing by Greg Hitchcock (keys) Rusty Hopkinson (drums) and Andy Kent (bass) kept it a tight set pausing only for “uncle Tim to take his medicine”

When a venue with max pax all singing  woo woo, the infectious hook from Mr Milk .it’s hard to mistake the impact of the song on a generation.

Forever the showman, Tim’s stage presence was commanding as it was hypnotic, perhaps it was the gold jacket he was wearing but he and his old tribe, shone on stage and took everyone in attendance on a trip through their past, present and gave a confident vision of the future where rockers only get cooler with time.


You Am I


The Delta Riggs


Classic-1994–You Am I

The Delta Riggs – “The Record’s Flawed”

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