C.W. Stoneking and Peter Bibby bring a nostalgic feel to Manning Bar

By Courtney Dabb, Sydney Correspondent

CW Stoneking + Peter Bibby- Manning Bar – 30.10.15 Sydney, Australia

The parallels between Peter Bibby and Courtney Barnett are incredible. Australiana  in all its unpolished glory but whereas Courtney’s global rise to fame and reflections of a safe inner suburban lifestyle, Bibby’s honest and realistic commentary on welfare, alcoholism and homelessness hits harder with a greater sense of accuracy and straight shooting that is absent in most of Courtney’s  lyrics. Bibby is a musician who speaks of the uncomfortable truths and a man who has lived and breathed the darker side of despair and disadvantage.

Opening to a full house, the predominately rock-a-billy crowd were visibly excited to catch CW Stoneking and his band of merry men. Starting with tracks from his most recent work Gon Boogaloo, the dual harmonies of industry mainstays, Vika and Linda Bull osculated between gentle notes heavy chested singing. The subtle accompaniment of James Clark’s double bass was exchanged for the horizontal kind and back again throughout the opening tracks.

CW’s vocals ranged between hitting gritty Deep South blues with a mouthful of chewing tobacco to near choir boy notes, showcasing his ability and diversity. With the crowd fully involved and clapping in unison Jungle Blues took on a tropical, Caribbean flavour which almost suited the balmy conditions of the night. Recalling his time as a school handyman, the aptly named Handyman Blues received a warm welcome. Covering an extensive collection in a solid 2 hour set, CW Stoneking showed why he has received local and international praise for his Northern Territory meets Mississippi brand of blues.


CW Stoneking

Peter Bibby


C.W. Stoneking – “Ragged and Dirty”

C.W. Stoneking “The Zombie”


Peter Bibby “Cunt”


Peter Bibby “No More Sleepovers”


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Courtney Dabb

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