Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack: Introducing The Dash

By John Clay, Rock At Night Columnist-London

Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack

Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:
Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:

Rock At Night welcomes a new column called Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack.  Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay pounces upon bands he’s either just discovered at a gig or has stalked for some time. We are proud to host his weekly ‘Double A Side’ Attack where an ‘ambush’ video of an artist/band is accompanied by a music video showcasing their unique talent.

You can read more about “Clark Kent” in Rock At Night’s interview here.

This week’s artist: The Dash

Sounds like: Iggy Pop and The Stooges trying to outdo the T.V Eye Live Album … on amphetamines.

The Dash (Ambushed by Clark Kent) on November 4, 2015

The interview with the band is a ‘single’ from this playlist. Yup, EVERY Sunday afternoon you can discover more interesting bands at the touch of a button: 
Welcome to Clark Kent’s Rock and Roll Revue

Not many bands can claim to have a front person quite like Mark Heyward. The live video in this playlist is proof of that and the eternal truth: Involve your audience, or miss out. The Dash have an E.P called Through Gritted Teeth. It’s not been out long. Buy it. Buy it from them at their gig at The Good Mixer (Camden Town). See you on Saturday 21st November kids.

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