Black Crack shows us punk poetry is very much alive

By Chris Patmore, London Correspondent

Venue: The German Deli, October 17, 2015–Black Crack

BlackCrack_7151Growing old is inevitable. It can be done gracefully, or disgracefully. But growing old doesn’t mean growing up. In fact, it could be said that growing up is counterintuitive and counterproductive, because once you’ve grown up it suggests you’ve stopped growing. One of the effects of this the “angry young men” end up just being “grumpy old men”. Thankfully, this can’t be applied to Black Crack as the punk spirit is still very much alive with them, even if it is disguised by fine suits and superb musicianship, and possibly their choice of venue.

Abandoned east London warehouses may have been the venues of choice for ’70s punks, but 40 years on things have changed. With redevelopment thanks to the Olympics, as well as general gentrification of the area, Saturday’s gig was still held in an east London warehouse, albeit one for a German Deli, complete with grilled sausages, and it was mostly abandoned, thanks to the rugby world cup. Those discerning enough to turn up were treated to Mark Tilton snarling his way through a set of songs that showed that punk poetry is still very much alive and backed by a band that showed being able to play more than three chords doesn’t make it any less punk. There just wasn’t, thankfully, a lot of moshing or spitting.

Members: Mark Tilton, vocals; C.C.S. Meeke, rhythm guitar; Jon Wygens, lead guitar; Adrian Smith-Tuft, bass; George Milton, Darren Turner and Paul Wigens, drums; Genre: Post-punk, garage rock; Home Town: London

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Black Crack on October 17, 2015 – “Hey Fucker”

Black Crack on October 17, 2015 – “Peach Fuzz”




BANDCAMP   (Listen here)

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