Abbath, Ruins, and Gods of Eden bring sinister fun to Manning Bar


By Courtney Dabb, Sydney Correspondent

Venue: Manning Bar, Sydney-October 16, 2015–Abbath, Gods of Eden, and Ruins

Rock At Night was at Manning Bar for a dark, sinister and wicked fun of hearing Abbath, a metal band hailing from the land of vikings, Norway. With blinking strobes and heavy fog, the masked demons jumped and throbbed on guitar and drums to songs like “Battalions” and a crowd favorite “Fenrir Hunts.” Support for the evening was provided by Ruins, a black metal band hailing from Germany, who filled the theatre with diabolical growls to a heavy, primitive, throbbing tempo. Next, Gods of Eden from Sydney provided impressive metal-prog-rock guitar work with clean vocals to create melodic metal at its best.   Overall, it was a craze-filled evening which the crowd will remember for a long time. Check out photo highlights below:




Members: Abbath – Vocals & Guitar, King – Bass, Creature – Drums Valla – Session guitar live; Genre: Metal



Gods of Eden



Abbath “Fenrir Hunts” at The Manning Bar, Sydney


Ruins at The Manning Bar, Sydney

Gods of Eden – “The Overseer”





WEBSITE-Gods of Eden


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