Blues-rockabilly artist Jim Jones back with a new band

By Chris Patmore, London Correspondent

The Jim Jones Revue attracted a dedicated, almost cult-like, following. There may have been some nomenclature confusion with the murderous/suicidal cult leader from the ’70s, but there was no mistaking the English band’s frontman and his driving blues-rock/rockabilly sound. And like his infamous American namesake, Jones brought the band to a definitive and self-determined end last year with a Last Hurrah tour of Europe and the UK, with a grand finale at London’s Forum in October.

Even before the tour’s T-shirts had finished their first wash cycle, Jones was back with a new band, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, and in the studio working on a new album. After a handful of dates across France in May, Jones debuted his combo at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London’s hip east end. The music is a continuation of what went before, with its roots in blues-rock, but the new sound is both mellower and darker, with Jones taking a pause from his usually energetic performance to sit for a couple of the songs, but was soon up again finishing the set in his trademark storming style.


Members of Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind: Jim Jones: vocals, guitar Gavin Jay: bass, b-vox Phil Martini: drums, b-vox Joe Glossop: keys, b-vox David Page: pedal steel, b-vox



“Boil Yer Blood”


“1,000 Miles For Sure”





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