Summerland Tour 2015 in Madeira Beach: Great Bands, Bad Venue!


By Anita Stewart, Tampa Correspondent and Chyrisse Tabone,Photographer


DSC_1116-1The Summerland Tour 2015 Madeira Beach Waterfront Park (R.O.C. Park)

Great bands, great crowd, bad venue! The Summerland 2015 Tour came through town, and it is important to note, the Gulf Beaches are a world away from Tampa. Again, let me repeat, the beaches are NOT Tampa.

Most Tampa people might reconsider driving to the beach to see a concert, then trying to find a place to park, paying for parking, walking a mile or more to the venue in the heat with no shuttle services and then having to pay $7 or more for juice, water, soda, beer or mixed drinks. And the food was also expensive. So it does not matter that VIP tickets for entry were only $34 and General Admission the unheard of price of $5. This still winds up being an expensive event to attend.

And as for the heat? It was insufferable. Roc Park has no shade whatsoever. Water was available for an exorbitant price but children, elders or anyone who was ill or differently abled would not be able to tolerate the heat and the lack of water to cool down. Bottled water just doesn’t cut it in those situations.

_DSC0149-1The Summerland Tour started in 2012 and has become an annual event in cities across the US. This tour was named one of the “Ten Hottest Summer Package Tours of 2012” by the Rolling Stone Magazine. The tour was created by Everclear’s Art Alexakis and Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath.

The crowd rocked to the bands as best they could in the heat and the constant threat of sunshowers…this was “Nostalgia 90’s!” American Hi-Fi, Everclear and Fuel were great but the post grunge band, the Toadies from Ft. Worth, Texas stood out as the act that most of the audience wanted to see. This band did not disappoint.

It was just too damn hot!





American Hi-Fi







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