Packed house to see Peter Hook & the Light in St. Petersburg, Florida

By Chyrisse Tabone, Tampa Correspondent

REVIEW: Peter Hook & the Light concert at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 18, 2015

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Peter Hook and the Light kicked off their U.S. tour on Friday the 17th in Miami.   Being an 80s chick,  I remember Joy Division and of course, New Order very well.  I had been waiting to see “Hooky” for a long time and I noticed in recent years there has been a Joy Division revival with the Joy Division documentary and full-length feature film Control.   I recently picked up an audio copy of Peter Hook’s book Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division just so I could hear him tell the story in his own words (not to mention very entertaining while driving).

I attended the second tour stop in St. Petersburg, Florida, which was a packed house.  There were so many people crammed in the concert hall I kept thinking “Where are the exits? There better not be a fire…”  I was able to squeeze my way up front and had a wonderful time chatting with a nice couple with their teenage son. It was so refreshing to see a teenager who was genuinely interested in Joy Division/New Order and knew a lot of the “retro” bands.  One point the father brought up was how generous Peter Hook was to bring this tour to the U.S. so we may re-live Joy Division since they never made it to the States.

The concert evening was broken into four segments with one set of New Order and remaining sets, Joy Division.  The beginning of the concert was off to a slow start.  Hooky had to interrupt the concert a couple of times due to a technical issue. He was visibly annoyed, and you can’t blame him.  I hoped he could shake this off and get into New Order psyche.  Indeed, after a few songs he started to get into the groove.  By the time he moved into the Joy Division sets, I could tell he was in totally in “the zone.”  The zone is someplace between having a good time and nirvana, for most musicians.

DSC_0566a_LRThe band sounded fantastic and Hooky sang and growled the lyrics with passion.  He was having a blast and so was the crowd who were dancing, fist-pumping, and waving their arms.

The best part of the concert, which lasted a good 2 ½ hours were the last few songs “She Loses Control,” “Transmission,” and the finale “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” I was so afraid “Transmission” and “Atmosphere” were going to be omitted from the set list like in Miami.  I noticed on Facebook people begged for the songs so they were played in St. Petersburg.

During “Transmission” and then “Love Will Tear Us Apart” I sat there with my eyes closed and imagined being in Manchester circa 1979 with Ian Curtis doing his jerky dance and the punk crowd going crazy!  The crowd was singing along…dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio and love….love will tear us a apart.  It was beautiful!

Peter Hook and the Light is a must see for those that missed Joy Division or New Order 30 years ago and the new generation that can still experience music at its finest.




Let’s Go, Lonesome Tonight, Sooner Than You Think, Subculture, All Day Long, Everything’s Gone Green, Temptation

Atrocity Exhibition, Isolation, Passover, Colony, A Means to an End, Heart & South, Twenty Four Hours, The Eternal, Decades

Digital, Disorder, Day of the Lords, Candidate, Insight, New Dawn Fades, She’s Losst Control, Shadowplay, Wilderness, Interzone, I Remember Nothing

Atomosphere Ceremony Transmission, Love Will Tear Us Apart



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