Celtic Bands Rock the Annual Celtic Festival in Dunedin, Florida

Highlander Park, Dunedin, Florida

Now that the weather is cooling down in Tampa Bay, Florida, there will be a slew of music festivals on-going until the Spring when the snowbirds return from their mobile home parks to their northern habitat. On Saturday, November 22, 2014, there will be an all-day music affair riding into Dunedin, Florida. There is no surprise that it is the Annual Celtic Music Festival since it is being held at Highlander Park.

I am really looking forward to seeing this one because the fun starts at noon and ends around 9 p.m. or so. There will be plenty of Celtic rock bands so do not look for a roster of traditional Irish step dance songs and River Dance jigs. The bands include Abannach, Brother, Cutthroat Shamrock, Lucid Druid, My Three Kilts, Seven Nations, and more!  I was lucky enough to purchase a ticket in advance through Groupon or Living Social (sorry, I cannot remember which one) so do a Google search for possible discounts.

For additional information and tickets:

Dunedin Celtic Festival

Highlander Park, Dunedin, Florida

Saturday, November 22nd, noon-9 p.m.


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