Adam Ant is hotter than ever!

Adam Ant Returns!

Adam Ant still has the swagger and attitude 30 years later
It felt like 1982 at the Palladium tonight with Adam Ant....
It felt like 1982 at the Palladium tonight with Adam Ant….


After being in love with Adam Ant since my teens, I finally got to see him at The Palladium, St. Petersburg, Florida. Looking around at the audience it looked like women in their 40’s dressed in short skirts, smokey eye shadow, and the usual 80s attire.  Yes, I was one of them. Adam Ant may have been older (no wrinkles and really smooth skin) and little pudgier but he still could belt out the songs and bring everybody hopping to their feet. Adam was dressed in his pirate/highwayman attired but the Native American stripe across his nose is gone with the New Wave Days. I kept thinking that Johnny Depp fashioned his Captain Jack Sparrow look from Adam Ant and not Keith Richards, like everybody has been led to believe. But then, who knows?

I am so glad that Adam Ant is making a comeback since his ups and downs with bipolarity. He wrote about his dark demons in his autobiography “Stand and Deliver.” A documentary entitled “The Blue Black Hussar” was released in the U.K. but does not appear to have been released in the U.S.
Anyway, here’s a snippet of Adam Ant singing my favorite “Wonderful” and “Whip In My Valise.” I have to say that “Wonderful” is probably my favorite album of the 1990s (even though it did not sell like hotcakes). Each song is insightful, meaningful, but has a catchy melody as well.
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