Chatting with Australian band The Rubens

The Rubens discuss their experience growing up in a small town (population 500) just outside of Sydney; how the band got together; the experience of having brothers in a band; some of the famous Australian bands who made it big and the distorted view of Australian music; electronic dance music in today’s world; and their future plans, which they hope will be another trip to the UK in the Fall. […]

Chatting with punk duo The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots discuss coming from a small town in Florida and moving to L.A.; being parents and working musicians; the new DIY funding of today’s music; the support of the arts and culture by countries like Canada, Norway, and Sweden; their genre of music which is “1950s rock meets late-70s Brit punk”; doing a cover of “Brand New Key”; and breaking a guitar while on tour. […]