Review: DYMBUR’s single/video ‘U Tirot Sing’

Single/Video Review

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philly

Review: DYMBUR Music Video “U Tirot Sing” feat. Desmond Rimaki Sunn-Release date April 4, 2023

Dyumbur is back with their new single “U Tirot Sing” featuring Desmond Rimaki Sunn. We had the privilege of reviewing Dymbur’s previous single/music video “Child Abuse” and also conducted an interview with them. Just to give you some context, Tirot Sing was a Khasi freedom fighter who fought for 4 years against the British Empire, who wanted to take control of the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, India.

As expected from Dymbur, the song has a deep underlying message holding on to the cultural nuances of Khasi traditions accompanied by a stunning music video. Dymbur, one of the most talked about bands of the Indian metal scene, is known to blend heavy metal with the indigenous Khasi folk sounds. This time they collaborated with Desmond Rimaki Sunn, a well-known radio jockey, a singer, and songwriter from Shillong, India.

The song starts slowly with the sound of a string instrument and traditional Khasi drums before transitioning to vocals. It is almost like is a story of ‘U Tirot Sing’ is being depicted with music. Then the song takes a turn and goes into full-blown metal-core. The blend of the clean vocals and growling, and the mix of guitars with the Khasi string instruments helps to create a sound that is known but also unknown.

The lyrics of the song (which is almost a war cry) is really effective – depicting the stories of revolt against the British empire and how the present generation should get inspiration from the forefathers, especially Tirot Sing.  The music video is an exceptional one. The way animation has been used to describe the story is amazing and goes hand in hand with the song. We would highly recommend checking out the video in its entirety.

Do check out that to know more about Dymbur and the type of new generations of musicians coming out of India with a sound that is really unique.








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