Devora in Washington DC: the ‘goth Dolly Parton’ captivates audience

Live Review

Devora. Photo by Shuvam DasGupta.

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philly

Live Review: Devora at the Anthem, Washington DC-February 15, 2023

Devora. Photo by Shuvam DasGupta.

Rock At Night has been following Devora’s career since she came on the scene in approximately 2020. She was also featured in our Fall 2021 – Darkness! print issue. We were really excited to see she is touring with Bush and hope she will gain more fans along the way.

Devora’s Instagram bio says “Goth Dolly Parton”–and that pretty much sums up her musical style. She is one of the upcoming performers whose music cannot be described by a single genre, although she defines it as “outlaw pop. 

Devora. Photo by Shuvam DasGupta.

On February 15th, 2023, she opened for Candle Box and Bush at The Anthem, DC, and Rock at Night was there to capture the performance. The venue was packed-up with people still entering when she took the stage at 7:30 PM. Right from the first chord, the audience was completely hooked. Devora sang with her guitar and was accompanied by Stephan Stanzione on drums and Aaron Michael Brown on the guitar. The band’s music was unique and produced an exciting soundscape; however, the main attraction was Devora’s voice and her amazing presence on the stage. She was literally hitting the cymbal with Stephan on the final song. 

Devora performed a compact set that lasted approximately 25 minutes and consisted of songs like “Not Dead Yet,” “God Is Dead,” and “Outlaw.” The captivating performance gave us a glimpse of her potential to take her music to the next level. Don’t forget to check out Rock at Night’s review of Devora’s EP God Is Dead.



Shuvam DasGupta
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