Review: Metts Ryan Collins’ album ‘No Days Wasted’

Album Review

Metts Ryan Collins

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philly

Metts Ryan Collins’ full-length album, “No Days Be Wasted” Review

Metts Ryan Collins is the namesake band of the trio Geoff Metts (guitar, lead vocals), Dain Ryan (bass, vocals), and Mike Collins (drums, vocals). The Portland-based band has so far released a self-titled EP in 2015 and then their debut album Homegrown in 2018. The band is a blend of the old-school classic rock and roll styles with elements of jazz and blues. The influences of bands like Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, and Black Keys are prominent in their sound.

No Days Be Wasted is their sophomore full-length album which is a result of the collaborative efforts of the trio during the pandemic. Here is our thought on some songs from the album –

Back to Sleep – A perfect song to start with – great riffs and drum rolls accompanied by powerful vocals. Though it says “Back to Sleep”, it will certainly wake you up to listen to the whole album.

On My Way – It has a classic glam rock and roll vibe with flavors of the band Kiss. A really fun song to listen to.

Half the world Away – This song is an excellent example of a rock song that has influences of classic rock with post-genres like garage rock. I could find the essence of The White Stripes. The use of the bass is almost classical in form, which I really liked.

Old Hannah – This is a great old-school rock and roll song – with a sound of a live performance. The lead guitar in this song is exceptional.

Valle De La Muerte (Death Valley) – My favorite track of the album. An instrumental number with a marvelously played lead, subtle bass, and perfect drumming. I see myself driving through Death Valley listening to this song.

No Days Be Wasted – This is a genre-blending song with rock, folk, and country music influences. Good use of a chorus gives a different feel to the song. A perfect song to end the album with a good aftertaste.



Shuvam DasGupta