Review: Crobot’s album ‘Feel This’

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By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Review: Crobot’s album Feel This – Release date June 3, 2022 via Mascot

Crobot’s ‘Feel This’

Pennsylvania-based “Riff-monsters” Crobot have released their fifth full-length studio album Feel This. As per Crobot “This is the record we’ve been wanting to do ever since we started” and it makes absolute sense as you listen to the album. All the songs are packed with powerful vocals by Brandon Yeagley, some great riffs on guitar by Chris Bishop, heart-thumping bass from Tim Peugh, and Dan Ryan’s head banding drums. Their last album Motherbrain had a cumulative stream of more than 30 Million and I am sure this album might reach or surpass that stature.

Hands down the album has a “live recording” sound to it. It jump starts with “Electrified” – which is a perfect beginning of the upcoming journey. Dizzy has influences from Dimebag Darrell and Tom Morello in places – which is cool.  “Set You Free” starts as a power ballad and then goes to another level – the use of the riffs, piano in some places, and powerful drumming makes this song amazing. “Better Times” is a riffs-driven song – a pure rock and roll anthem with a sound similar to AC/DC. “Golden” is my favorite song – when I was listening to the song I could literally sense the Soundgarden vibe on it. Then I found out that it was a homage to Chris Cornell – what a coincidence. I would mention some other songs of the album – “Livin’ on the Streets” is a classic rock and roll song, “Holy Ghost” has a unique sound to it – especially the vocals, and the album ends with the perfect power ballad “Staring Straight into the Sun”.

The lyrics of all the songs talk about humane feelings – Strengths, and weaknesses and overcoming them with perseverance and constant struggles. Overall, it is a great album and I can not wait to see them live.



1. Electrified2. Dizzy3. Set You Free4. Better Times5. Golden6. Without Wings7. Livin’ on the Streets8. Into the Fire9. Dance with the Dead10. Holy Ghost11. Never Break Me12. Staring Straight Into the Sun

Available formats:
Transparent Red LP, Multicolor Splatter LP, CD and Digital








Shuvam DasGupta