Philly’s own The Mary Veils celebrate their LP release at PhilaMoca

Album Release Party

The Mary Veils. Photos by Shuvam DasGupta.

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Live Review: The Mary Veils with Grace Vonderkühn, Kelsey Cork & The Swigs, Larlene  – PhilaMoca, Philadelphia -4/2/2022

The Mary Veils. Photos by Shuvam DasGupta.

Philly’s very own The Mary Veils released the LP Esoteric Hex at PhilaMoca on Saturday, April 2nd. Having already reviewed the LP on behalf of Rock at Night, I had to experience them live (as expressed in the final line of the album review). On top of that, Grace Vonderkühn, Kelsey Cork & The Swigs, and Larlene were also performing which made the night perfect.

First on stage was Larlene with their trippy punk rock music. It was amazing how the music created the mood with the technicolor projections in the background. They have a unique sound that set the tone for the night. Next was Kelsey Cork & The Swigs. They absolutely knew how to make everyone dance to pure rock and roll with smooth guitars, heavy drumming, and stunning vocals.  Next up was Grace Vonderkühn – a 3 member band from Wilmington, Delaware. Their garage punk rock sound was something that just worked with the vibe for that night. They displayed a really technical and shredded sound – that not only me, but I can tell everyone in that room was utterly enjoying.

The Mary Veils. Photos by Shuvam DasGupta.

Finally, The Mary Veils took the stage. Though I knew almost all the songs on the album, I was really excited to see them perform them live. What a show!  They absolutely know how to take control of the stage.  The four of them just rocked the hell out of everyone. Brian with his cool and composed style tackled both the vocals and the guitar. Evan with the burst of energy in drums and Andrew in full swing with his guitar kept the beat going. And finally taking the center stage Justin grabbed everyone’s attention with his bass (with heavy demands he even took his shirt off). They performed all the songs from Esoteric Hex, although I have to mention three of my favorites are “Bone Blossom Green”, “Esoteric Hex” and “Jelly” (I might make this my ringtone).

Overall, it was a great show. A special mention goes out to the visuals that were playing in the background by spaghettijesus96 – absolutely trippy and stunning. 

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