Review: Fiction Syxx’s ‘Ghost of My Fathers Past’ album

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Fiction Syxx

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Review: Fiction Syxx’s Ghost of My Fathers Past-August 8, 2021

Fiction Syxx
Fiction Syxx

Fiction Syxx has released their new album Ghost of My Fathers Past and I had a chance to listen to it. To describe the album overall, it is a blend of heavy metal melodies with great musical technicalities.  The band consists of JK Northrup (guitar and backing vocals), Mark Lanoue (vocals and guitar), Larry Hart (bass), Rory Faciane (drums), and Eric Ragno (keys). I am sure all of the members know the music from the core and are technically sound.

While listening to the album I could sense big influences of early Dream Theatre, Iron Maiden, and Dio. I have to specifically mention the fantastic vocals and guitar solos in almost all the songs. The vocals have a great resemblance to the great Bruce Dickinson and is a blend of melodic heavy metal and progressive rock. Great progressive rock is a bit rare these days, which for me, is one of the hardest forms of rock/ metal music. Fiction Syxx has simply nailed it in all the songs of the album.

Here are my thoughts on some of the songs I enjoyed:

Bleed for the Truth – A fantastic jam between the guitars in terms of both solo and riff. One of the best guitar solos I have heard in recent times.

Caught up in the Moment – The start of the song is almost like a piece of Indian classical music. I really like the blend of the genre in this music. Again, a stellar guitar solo.

My Fathers Ghost – Heavy metal music at its best. I liked the lyrics of the song in particular.

Waiting, Wondering – The album has to have a power ballad and this is it. A really nice rendition of pure piano and nice vocals.

History Comes Tumbling Down – I wanted to specifically mention the keyboard solo in this song. Absolutely stunning and gives the essence of classic heavy metal music.

Innocence – Music should talk about the present time and this song does that. A true reflection of society.

Overall I really enjoyed this album and will be looking forward to their future works.










Shuvam DasGupta