Megadeth and Lamb of God along with Trivium and Hatebreed set the stage on fire at the BB&T Pavilion

Lamb of God

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Live Review: Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium, and Hatebreed at the BB&T Pavilion, Camden New Jersey–September 15, 2021


Rock At Night was present at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden NJ on September 15th to witness the great Megadeth, Lamb of God along with Trivium and Hatebreed in one of the biggest metal concerts around the area post-COVID (if we can say so). The parking lots were packed and you can tell that people were super excited to be in the concert after a long time. While speaking with some of the fellow crew and spectators, it was the first concert for some of them after more than 1.5 years.

Lamb of God

The show started with a bang with Hatebreed. They started with ‘Empty Promises’ and did a set of 11 songs. The whole time people in the pit were on their toes. Yeah the set made them jump the whole time – it makes you prepared for what is coming next in the night. Trivium came next with their new song ‘In the Court of the Dragon’ – I am sure this new album is going to be massive once it comes in October 2021. They created a dark ambiance with shades of red and blue, which sets the mood for sure.

Lamb of God

More crowd was coming as we proceed with the night – seats were getting filled, the pit was getting crowded. Everyone wants more of the adrenaline rush – that is what they are here for. The stage was covered with a dark curtain , an indication of what was coming up next. Curtains dropped and Lamb of God started with their last year’s massive hit ‘Memento Mori’. Randy Blythe is more charged up now after the long break from live shows due to COVID. He could not stop running and jumping from one side of the stage to another. This energy was contagious and spread within the crowd in seconds. The band literally set the stage on fire with ‘Walk with me in Hell’. They did a set of 12 songs and ended with one of the biggest hits ‘Redneck’.


Then came Megadeth led by the great Dave Mustaine. The stage setup and ambiance were completely different with bright lights and big screens in the back. They started with massively popular ‘Hanger 18’. Everyone was waiting for this. Dave did not have to sing much because the audience was singing the whole song with him. Talking about Dave, he does not age at all. He is the same Dave Mustaine that we have seen with the same energy and passion. The next song was ‘Threat is Real’ with a glimpse of the music video playing on the back screen. They covered hugely popular songs like – ‘Sweating Bullets’, ‘She-Wolf’, ‘Dystopia’, ‘Peace Sells’ and of course ‘Symphony of Destruction’.  They came back with the encore ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due’.

We have to admit the show was a great success, considering the COVID situation. A kudos to the crew and the management for pulling it off.


Shuvam DasGupta