Review: North Carolina rocker Davy Williamson’s EP ‘Down by The Fire’

Davy Williamson

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Philly

Review: Davy Williamson’s EP – Down by The Fire – Released on March 12, 2021

Davy Williamson

Davy Williamson has released his new EP called Down by The Fire on March 12. The album is consisting of 8 songs including ‘Thin Disguise’ that has reached #1 on the iTunes Rock Songs chart in South Africa.

Davy is from Wilmington, North Carolina. He has been part of Indy Rock band ‘Emilio 5’, Modern rock band ‘Third Class Passenger’ and Punk rock band ‘Ma-shot-pa’. You can tell the influences of different genres of modern rock in his music. Recently he is mostly playing solo but collaborating with musicians like John Hodges (Smoking Okra), Andy Easton (The Tin Roof), Toryn Green of (Fuel), and Paul Phillips of (Puddle of Mudd).  His music is available on all the major music platforms.

I really liked this EP. I will share my thoughts on some of the songs. “Thin Disguise” is an example of pure Alt Hard Rock. The off-beat drumming in this song is great. I also love the sound that has been used in this song for the vocals. The song has some suspense in it.

“Cliche” is a song with a powerful riff. I liked when this song took a mellow turn towards the end.

“Stick Together” is an experimental song and it has some exciting twists. The song starts like a Coldplay song that eventually becomes almost like a System of a Down number. You just have to listen to the song to experience it.

Finally, I have to mention the two instrumentals in the EP – specifically the “Interlude”. It is an absolute beauty – an amalgamation of country music, Mexican guitar with an unusual percussive sound. Together it creates an amazing ambiance. The last one “Outro” is another instrumental and a really good one. It takes you to a ‘void’ and leaves you there.

This is a quintessential modern rock album. I would love to listen to all the songs over and over again.





Shuvam DasGupta