Details on Johnny Marr’s limited edition box set

Johnny Marr announced details for Single Life, a limited edition 7” box set featuring Johnny’s first ten solo singles. Single Life is set for release on December 6th.  

From 2012’s “Upstarts” to 2018’s “Spiral Cities”, and new live favorite Armatopia, the release also contains vinyl debuts for promo-only track “The Messenger”, backed with an exclusive unreleased demo version of “New Town Velocity”. All ten 7” singles are pressed onto colored vinyl and the set is completed by two limited edition photographic prints, exclusive to Single Life. 

Single Life marks the close of the Call The Comet Tour, an 18-month run that’s seen Johnny complete a full tour across North America, major summer festival appearances and sold-out headline shows across the UK and Europe in 2019 alone. 

Packaged in a metallic silver printed shoulder box with original 7” vinyl reproduction artwork and inserts, and two exclusive 7” photographic art prints, Single Life includes ten individually colored 7” vinyl singles detailed as follows: 

Box Set

 – The Messenger/New Town Velocity (Demo version): Clear vinyl  

– Upstarts/Psychic Beginner: Red vinyl  

– New Town Velocity/The It-Switch:Silver vinyl  

– Easy Money/Use Me Up: White vinyl  

– Dynamo/Struck: Yellow vinyl  

– I Feel You/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Live): Gold vinyl (including original issue postcard)  

– Candidate/Exit Connection: Blue vinyl  

– Hi Hello/Jeopardy: Orange vinyl  

– Spiral Cities/Spectral Eyes: Magenta vinyl  

– Armatopia/The Bright Parade: Turquoise vinyl 


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