Album Review: Pixies ‘Beneath the Eyrie”

From left: Paz Lenchantin, David Lovering, Black Francis, Joey Santiago

By Lloyd Wakeling, Rock At Night Manchester

Album Review: PIXIES-Beneath the Eyrie-Release date September 13, 2019

Pure Pixies!!!!!

Pixies ‘Beneath the Eyrie’

It is always nice in life when certain things remain unchanged, so that you can organise your life accordingly. Like for example, British weather in December is rubbish, time for a coat. The train is always late, time for another tea or even my keys and me will be temporarily separated from each other some time this week without a doubt. So it is with much glee and a skip or two that I can add another thing to this list, the fact that The Pixies new album Beneath the Eyrie is pure Pixies and delivers a perfect accompaniment to what has gone before. Buoyed by a sublime rhythm section that melts in the ear, the album strides along with an identity all of its own, yet quite definitely it wears the clothes handed down from its siblings. Vocals that bite and leave a mark are given to us without fluff and it is a joy to be entwined in the whole lovely experience. The history of The Pixies is well known and this album enhances that history with a set of tracks built from its legacy. Now where are those bloody keys!





Lloyd Wakeling

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