DO MONTEBELLO, the wonderful French-Brazilian Jazz singer releases her new album “BIRDY HEART” in Paris

Do Montebello Photo by Jean-François Mousseau

By Rosine Alleva, José Oliveira, Journalist/photographers – Rock At Night France, Switzerland

Album Birdy Heart
Photo by Vincent Copyloff

On 10th October, DO MONTEBELLO will be in concert in Paris at the Alhambra Hall, to present her second album “BIRDY HEART”.

A few days ago, we could discover the magnificent video “The Volcano”, released from Do Montebello’s new opus.


« …I have a countryless soul…I come and go as certain birds do…”
A citizen of the world at heart and an artist by vocation, she walked the soils of Southern France, Algeria and its desert, the United States, the Caribbean Islands and Brazil, bringing back with her the poetic scores of her debut album ADAMAH. A celebration of the earth, trees and oceans, as well as the women and men she met during these travels.

Do Montebello Adamah album – Photo by Vincent Copyloff

In keeping with her incorrigible nomadic spirit. DO MONTEBELLO travelled 14.000 kms in two months to record her latest album, BIRDY HEART, in the cities of Natal, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. DO MONTEBELLO’s guiding intent was to delve into the mysterious pulsations that inform the rhythm of our lives. In this new album, she pays tribute to the splendor of the soul, which she likens to a bird nestled in the hollows of the heart. This soul escapes the gaze, solely revealing itself in the radiance that emanates from all beings.
“This album constitutes an atmosphere; I wanted to accord a place to silence. In order to sing that which is invisible, and explore the shores of inner life, I turned towards acoustic music. Curiously, this inclines us to unveil the intimate”
A deliberately modest veil behind which one finds, complete and unbound, stories of love, farewells, inner life and liberty.
BIRDY HEART is composed of 14 titles. There is a bird heart and a jazz bird, whose wings carry us throughout the lyrics and notes of big Brazilian composers as Aloysio de Oliveira, Luiz Eça, Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Edu Lobo, Antonio Carlos Ferreira de Brito, Paulo Eric, Joao Salinas, in addition to guitarist and arranger Sergio Farias, DO MONTEBELLO’s partner from the beginning.

Do Montebello Photo by Jean-François Mousseau

She plays her voice like an instrument, evoking a wind of freedom in the refrains she has interpreted in English, Portuguese and French. Joining her in this new album are some among the jazz and world music greats, including Roberto Taufic (electric and folk guitar), Airton Guimaraes (bass), Jaques Morelenbaum (cello), Marc Berthoumieux (accordion), Toninho Horta and Sergio Farias (acoustic guitar)
Fluid, intense and markedly sophisticated, her singing resonates like a promise to break the locks of the cage that holds the bird inside our hearts. BIRDY HEART soars to new heights with the deeply moving poem “Dire Amour” – Speak Love, an incantation subtly accentuated by the cellist’s bow, which enters like delicate breathing and forms an opening onto a distant land to explore.

The Volcano (Official Video) Album Birdy Heart – Interpretation Kyara Schmitt-Luniere – Do Montebello – Magalie Ehlinger. Production Vincent Copyloff



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