Didges Christ SuperDrum: Not Just a Band, an Experience!

Didges Christ SuperDrum

By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Bay Correspondent

Venue: Interview takes place inside the Mobile Abduction and Aural Probing Unit; Earthly coordinates associated with Venom’s Back Room Bar & Grill in New Port Richey, Florida

Nothing can describe the experience that makes up Didges Christ SuperDrum. Imagine if you will a twilight zone mashup of Gwar in Day-Glo, The psychedelia of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, some Star Wars, tribal/modern costumes, and a Disco scene mixing the 1960s artistic style with the electronic vibe of a modern retro discotheque, and music that combines heavy metal, world music, and the ethereal sounds of several different didgederoos, and you have a small part of it – but then you must add in an Asian/alien/robotic dance interpretation to the mix.

Yoshi Gish

Before we go there, we have to give props to the musicians who opened and closed for them, Yoshi Gish and Friends. Yoshi is both a solo artist and leader of a three-piece band. Although the band and the man played mostly cover tunes, they put their unique spin on them, including an almost ten minute long mashup that included Sublime and Nine Inch Nails. They also have several original songs available on their website. Yoshi often tours by himself, and recruits backing bassists and drummers as he goes along – but in this case, playing in his home area, his bandmates were familiar. The drummer on this leg was Chris Launier, a staple of his tours and featured on his website. Not sure who the bassist was, but he did his part well. I’ll sum it up with a quotation from his website: “Statistic studies of 2012 have revealed that fans of Yoshi Gish, smoke weed, drink rum, and have the best sex!”

Getting back to Didges Christ SuperDrum, they describe themselves as: “Experimental/Rock/Tribal/Electronica/ Industrial/ExtraTerrestrial/Freakshow,” and list influences as “Everything we come in contact with…” which is pretty limitless. The story goes: “Didges Christ Superdrum is an extraterrestrial themed music and artistic performance. Our music is not genre specific and ranges from Electronic/World Music to Heavy Metal. Although our costumes can look intimidating, they are offset by our beautiful dancers and positive lyrics. Our fans compare our show to Tool, A Perfect Circle, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, GWAR, and Blue Man Group. The interpretive dance, music, and choreographed light and laser show present an overwhelming experience.” Hailing from Murdvaw, Grok (a planet located somewhere out there), the members are 👽👽👽 ObiShawnKenobi: vocals, guitar, percussion, Sirius alien technology 👽👽👽 Lembonius: didgeridoos, Sirius alien technology 👽👽👽 Caeseronius: drums, Sirius alien technology 👽👽👽 SkyeDancer: freakshow, fire manipulation. The rest, well, I’ll let them speak for themselves:

The Interview

[Music featured in the movie Evangeline.]

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Brent Michael

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