There was a love in Manchester and they called it James


By Desh Kapur, Rock At Night Manchester Correspondent

Venue: Castlefield Bowl, Manchester- July 11, 2017-JAMES – SLOW READERS CLUB


There was a love in in Manchester and they called it James

There’s always a certain kind of excitement when you visit a new music venue and this night, it was to be the Castlefield Bowl for me to see the iconic band, James. It sits in the heart of the city and to be honest it blew me away, an amazing venue that gave the band a perfect platform to tell their stories.

Slow Readers

This turned out to be the mother of all hometown gigs, as both bands on the night, call this town their own and first on stage were Slow Readers Club. From the very beginning they oozed confidence and appeared completely at ease on the big stage. This was obviously helped by the crowd knowing and singing along to many of the songs and the band with their beautiful blend of electro pop and Indie cool , lapped up the chants of ‘Readers, Readers’ and they are certainly a band to watch, a band to see.

Soon though they were gone and all went quiet, until on walked Andy Diagram, a trusty trumpet and a solo. Cheered on by an appreciative audience, he was soon followed by the rest of the band with Tim Booth entering the stage last. Classic track after classic track took their place on stage and with the crowd singing along, mutual love was there for all to see.

Immaculately performed songs mixed with precious Manchester moments , gave us all , that James experience, an experience we all loved. Having written so many iconic songs and witnessed so many different times, this is a British band to be cherished, heard but above all else, loved.





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James-“Girl At the End of the World”

James – “Laid”


The Slow Readers Club – “Forever in Your Debt”



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