Mollie Marriott shines at the Borderline in London

Mollie Marriott

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Borderline, London–June 1, 2017–Mollie Marriott with Anna Krantz and Pocket Dragon

Mollie Marriott

The name Mollie Marriott should ring familiar mainly for the generation remembering the legendary Small Faces front man Steve Marriott. She is the daughter of famous rock icon and a talented musician, in her own right.  Born into a rock family (her stepfather is Joe Brown), she gained some serious experience on stage, mainly as a backing vocalist, including recording with bands like Oasis.

Nowadays, she is constantly touring with Wilko Johnson & Paul Weller, and is busy putting the finishing touches on her debut album Truth is a Wolf, due out later this year. Please do keep a look out for this album!

Tonight many people might have come to see the daughter of legend Steve Marriott, however, they will surely leave the venue remembering the name Mollie Marriott.

Mollie Marriott

Seeing her first time on the stage I wondered, “Why isn’t she a rock star yet?” I knew she was. She moved and singed with that totally “stage-fluent” attitude one can only admire. At least that was what it felt like. What I saw was a most welcomed diva walking across the stage and doing a performance that many would remember. It did not feel like this was her debut gig at all. I think, she is just simply talented–and it showed very well on stage. Period.

A roadstead voice that you will miss right after the concert, as you just simply can’t get enough of that nurturing quality.  She is no stranger performing on the stage, giving the audience what they were craving. Those soulful moments when she easily covered Aretha Franklin’s “Baby I Love You” – one might accomplish only in a bathtub  – she made it stage real in a playful, sassy manner, as accomplished as the great virtuosos around her.

One of the warm up players was Anna Krantz who put all her soul into her delicately moving performance, on and off the piano, kinda forecasting of “what as to come.” Later, Pocket Dragon spiced up the night, and was the warm up for the headliner. Moving all around, one just could not take off attention of her utterly vigorous attitude.  A totally woman led night, it was–and who could complain about that!

Despite that hot, airless venue there was a voice that one would miss right after the concert, and one couldn’t can’t get enough of that nurturing quality.

Thanks for this Mollie, please do keep up!

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  1. Run With The Hounds
  2. Truth Is The Wolf (this is the title track from her forthcoming album released in September)
  3. Broken
  4. Ship Of Fools
  5. King Of Hearts
  6. Give Me A Reason
  7. Baby I Love You
  8. Control (this is her new single taken from the forthcoming album “Truth Is The Wolf)
  9. Armour
  10. Gravity
  11. A Million Miles
  12. Transformer

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