Rockin’ Bob’s Column: Lita Ford is still hot and rockin’

By Rockin’ Bob, Tampa Correspondent

Venue: The Capitol Theatre, Clearwater, Florida—August 29, 2015

piZap_1440960568227-1Oh man, at 57 years old, the electrifying Lita Ford is still dazzling her fans as only she can do. She played the Capitol Theatre on Saturday, August 29th with Kip Winger opening the show.

As Lita has always done, she spoke with and to the crowd, not at them. The fans really loved her! As I looked around I noticed mostly everyone was singing to every song.

There were not any special effects, but she didn’t need them. She grabbed hold of the fans and didn’t let go during the whole show.

Lita did all her great songs like “Close My Eyes Forever”, “Gotta’ Let Go”, “Out For Blood”, “Hungry”, “The Bitch is Back”, “Can’t Catch Me”, along with a bunch of others. The crowd was very energetic and ate it up.

After the show Lita hung out a little while to mingle and sign autographs. She was so very humble and personable with her fans backstage. Wow, what an awesome lady!  When I had the treat of meeting her, she told me that she noticed the fans were singing all the words to all the songs–and she was feeding off of it. She admitted it was a high like no other.

Really, the show was awesome!

Rockin’ Bob

Lita Ford


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